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About Us

I caught the “shutterbug” early in life but got introduced to wedding photography when I handled the lens at my cousin’s wedding. I loved the fast pace, the colours, the people, the emotions, the energy and yes, I even loved the stress of capturing all the best moments I could. The photos — all spontaneous and unposed — were an instant hit. That was before candid photography became mainstream in India. Before long, I was roped in to shoot more weddings and finally, Shot Memories was born in 2014 as a one-man photography company in Chennai.

Over the years, we grew as a team and have shot 100+ weddings all over India. From luxury weddings in 5-star venues to off-beat destination weddings to temple weddings — we have shot weddings of all flairs and flavours!

Today, our repertoire has grown from weddings shoots to pre-wedding, outdoor couple photography, maternity shoots and child photography. But no matter what we shoot, our mission is to pour life into it so you can relive them over and over again.

At Shot Memories, we specialise in capturing your life’s most special occasions — as well as those fleeting in-between moments — in the most unscripted and unobtrusive manner. So, every photo naturally reveals the expressions of love, bonding and a rainbow of emotions.

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Top Professional Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai?

We, in Shot Memories are here to freeze the most intricately beautiful moments of your life and give it in memorable frames and pictures. Life is a one-time affair and moments once over, can only be memories in the heart, shot memories is top professional candid wedding photographers in Chennai. Photographs and video captures are the only return to the days and times otherwise lost in the sands of time.

Shot Memories has recognized as one of the Best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai. We are here to give you the Professional candid wedding photography Service in Chennai. Marriage is a beautiful junction of hearts, worth reminiscing over and over again a million times. Make it picture perfect with our expert team of professionals who work closely with you to turn your magical moments into stunningly beautiful portraits. All the gala, emotions, ceremonies and happiness get caught in our killer frames which are sure to take you by surprise. Leave the chore to us and enjoy your big day as we record even the littlest of moments. We have a passionate set of artists who bring the entire day into a beautiful sequence for you and your loved one.

Hire Top Professional candid wedding photographers in Chennai

We in Shot Memories understand that every couple is special and their story is as beautiful as and unique as ever. It is the main reason we introduced outdoor photography to make the pictures as real and aesthetic as ever. The smiles and blushes are brought into our camera lenses for you to admire and thank us later. We have the top professional candid wedding photographers in Chennai and also the best candid wedding photographers in Coimbatore too. Moments that could otherwise easily slip away into the ocean of time are carefully picked out and put in pictures for you.

The entire process of maternity is so very cherishing and worth every single second. Come to us for journaling the most important months of your life. Every mother blooms in joy and her joy is a real beauty to capture. We bring in the couple together to click the most creative and artistic captures by the top professional candid wedding photographers in Chennai.

Kids photography is another service we deliver here in Shot Memories. Your precious little ones are sure a gift. They grow up very fast than we actually thought of! Their earlier years are always cute to look back and fall in love with. We would like to take the privilege of capturing right from the very first smile your baby smiles. From the very moment you get your baby in your arms, we are top candid wedding photographers in Chennai here to assist you in documenting every little action that come out of it.

Our commitment and passion to excel keeps us a class ahead of all our competitors’ in this field of photography. And also, our carefully crafted team of technicians are the best ones you can confidently rely on. The high end equipment and technology we employ is meant to put every single moment in the best light and capture emotions as realistic as ever.

Top professional candid wedding photographers in Chennai

Expressing love through photography is art that you can’t find everywhere. Candid photography is all about capturing right moments of couples’ life and making them memories in the most beautiful ways. We are the most renowned Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai and we take pride on the services that we offer to our clients to bring out the best candid moments of their wedding in their wedding album. We love the way we can create the series of beautiful candid photographs which enrich couples life with warmth and love.

Highly skilled Wedding Photographers In Chennai

We are a team of hard working and creative Wedding Photographers In Chennai specialized in different genre of wedding photography. We are professionally sound and trained to offer you incredible photography experience and highest creativity in your wedding albums.

Perfect wedding photographers will not only click photos that will make you smile but also capture moments of your wedding day that will look refreshing even after years.

To cherish the astonishing moments of your special day throughout your lives by looking at wondrous wedding album, meet the best Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai.

The best budget friendly Candid Wedding Photographers in Chennai

Our aim is to provide the best assistance to our clients at price which suits their budget. Candid photography is not “click and done” job. It needs lot of creative and innovative ideas to capture right candid moments with perfection. Our team of professional and well- trained photographers take keen interest in every project that we handle and ensure to offer tremendous services to every client.

If you are looking for pocket-friendly wedding photographers who understand the value of your money and offer services worth each of your penny, then you are at right place. We are the most Professional Wedding Photographers In Chennai and offer customized packages that ensure that our client to get desired results in their budget.

Why hire best Candid wedding Photographers?

  • We work on all major and minor details like location, style and theme of your pre-wedding and wedding photo shoot
  • We listen to your ideas and expectations and try our best to bring them to reality
  • Needs and budget of project is always our priority and we discussed and understand it thoroughly
  • Candid wedding photo shoot at an amazingly affordable price
  • You get a team of highly experienced and professionally trained photographers
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